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& Pricing


We're happy to help you wherever you are in your design journey! Our services can be purchased separately or within our complete comprehensive design set:

The Wirks

A flat-fee priced per square foot. Not every project is the same size or has the same needs, so why pay the same price? 

A discount is applied to projects with pre-existing drawings and/or measurements available to work from

I'm opening a cafe...
I need a Layout that shows me how many seats I can fit in the space... 

Program + Space Plan

The Foundation:

How do you want the space to function and work for you?


An evaluation of the existing condition of the space and the project goals. Reviewing the existing space, project needs and desires to develop a layout that optimizes the use of square footage to meet your project goals.


Floor Plan and/or wall plan

price per square foot



1 Layout* 


*Existing condition evaluation, Review project goals and scope. Review client needs & wants, Scaled floor plan with dimensions showing how the required program fits together.

1 Revision

On-site Measuring

Design Notes


Sculpt + Paint + Illuminate

The Close Look:

How do want the space to look and feel?


Takes a 2D floor plan to the next level, by illustrating the overall appearance of the space; delivering a picture of the style and atmospheric qualities of your project.



(Still Image, 360 Panorama, and/or 

Video Walkthrough)

price per square foot



Up to 4  Rendered Images

1 Mood Board

1 Revision

Design Notes


Source Materials 

The Deep Dive:

Reality is in the details.


Have a comprehensive specification and schedule that itemizes the finishes, lighting, fixtures, furniture, equipment and furnishing details of the project, providing organized information helpful for budgeting and cost estimations.


Material schedules, 

specification procurement and/or Shopping list

price per item



Details for 1 option per item

1 Revision


Multi-Option Bundle

(maximum 3 option per item)


per item


Who doesn't love choices? If you'd like us to draft more than one design option...

price per square foot


per additional design option 

(maximum 3 options per project)


Custom and thoughtful, quality wirk takes time. 

min 3 weeks* for final delivery


If you'd like faster service, we'd be happy to accommodate  and move your project ahead of the  queue to the best of our schedule. A $1.00 per square foot, charge is applied for expedited delivery.  

*Projects may be delivered before or later than 3 weeks depending on the project scope of work


under $2k before tax

100% due at order placement for service to begin

under $10k before tax
50% deposit due at order placement for service to begin

The remaining balance is due a min of 24 hrs before final product delivery

over $10k before tax
30% deposit due at order placement for service to begin.

30% due before product draft is issued

The remaining balance is due a min of 24 hrs before final product delivery

Site Survey Appointment fee

$200 flat fee for every 1000 square feet. If you decide to move forward with drawing production, the cost of measuring is deducted from the design service fee. Payment is required at a minimum 24hrs before a site survey appointment. 

Available Discounts

10% off for full payment made at order placement on purchases over $2k 

20% off for full payment made at order placement on purchases over $10k 

10% is applied to projects with existing condition drawings available for us to work from.

Cancellation Policy

If a refund is requested before the client receives a drawing draft, they will be refunded a prorated amount of the hours put towards the job. After a drawing draft has been sent to the client, no refund is available on drawings.

Design Review fee is refundable up to 3hrs before the appointment time

Site Survey fee is refundable up until the day of the appointment. On the day of the appointment, the Site Survey fee is nonrefundable

Cancellation Policy
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